Tuesday, March 07 2006

I woke up this morning as usual and left for work at 6:30 am, took the 6:59 caltrain to mountain view, hopped into the VTA at 8:00 am, reached work at 8:25 as usual and committed myself that i will be continuing with this thread of daily journal in the ‘dainiki’ section everyday. i think, this helps you confess those things to yourself, which otherwise you would not have confessed to others.

took a power nap in the train as usual, because of lack of sleep (8 hours as they all say). have to read assignments for the property law for tonights class (6:30 pm-9:15). yes, its a helluva day for me and also wednesdays. i reach home at 9:45 pm , grab some food and crash, trying to sleep and wake for the same routine day i have to follow tomorrow.

yes, its a monotonous life, but i have to win my bread and butter. maybe, one day, probably next year, if i pass the Cal Bar and become a lawyer finally, this lifestyle’s gonna change and i will be more satisfied; but i am dead sure its never gonna happen (satisfaction). Human Beings strive for satisfaction and nothing else. the more they think they have reached near, the distant they become. its like ……………..umm….. see there’s nothing to describe it…..


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