Desegregation 2

Raising the issues by exploiting the sentiments of the people of Nepal on various natures of existing social injustices and inequality; centuries long suppression and a long history of slavery (now abolished) in Nepal; in 1996 a political bloc took up arms against the state. The insurgency started then has already claimed more than 12000 lives in 10 years. One who is brutally killed in the frontier on either side is either a low ranking gunman who had taken that job because he was uneducated, poor, exploited, forced, suppressed or did not have better opportunities. Among those who died were also those known as the ‘untouchables’, promised of equal treatment when the war ends! 


They took part in the revolt to make their dream come true, of just being treated as equal. Thousands of these innocent, uneducated and emotionally wounded speechless people are being forced into the war. Most were killed in suspicion of being envoy of the other side. Thousands have been internally displaced yet not given the status of Internally Displaced People IDPs under international laws; thousands have migrated to the neighboring nation India in order to protect their lives and are facing even harsher living condition; children and women are being trafficked at a huge rate; to sum up with the exploitation is getting worse day-by-day. 


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