Desegregation 4

Today, the ‘untouchables’ also known as the ‘Dalit’ Community (literally meaning oppressed), constitute nearly 1/6th (four million according to the latest population census) of the total population (23 million) and continue to be inhumanely treated. Due to the weak law, forms and practice of Untouchability are still persistent. 


The worst scenario in this regard is that, people have been lured into the ongoing conflict for the sake of injustice they have faced. Promises of equality, freedom from discrimination and equal protection from this point forward are probably the phrases; vulnerable victims-of-untouchability hears, confesses and swears upon when someone hands over a gun on their hand. Why not? 


Segregated Schools still exist, segregated water taps and even segregated habitat. One cannot study Sanskrit-the social rule, probably someone feared that the Vedas actually did not clearly mention about untouchability (other than the later commentaries of Manu or Manusmriti). 


Some of them may have joined the armed conflict own their own, knowing the consequences but majority of others are coerced every now and then. While one has to flee from their village after threat of the rebels to join their army or die, the security personnel on the other hand torture them as terrorists. There was a moment, a few months back or probably a year, when ‘Dalits’ were openly referred as being allies of the insurgents. At the same time, in Saptari a group of insurgents stormed into a ‘Dalit’ village, gang raped women and threatened them to life. They never claimed the responsibility. 


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