Nepal needs young and broad shoulders of youngest generation immediately. Blurred visioned and agenda less traditional politics and immature democratic environment needs to be corrected by those who know how. Its time for academicians to rule now, in calculation and according to the preestablished theories. Application of Universal laws in total can immediately reinstate rule of law. One who believes himself/herself should dare to be a candidate from very own region. We only need young, 75 farsighted people in 75 districts, 14 learned in 14 zones and 5 innovative minds for the regions. Whats wrong with us? We dont even have 94 people of this calibre? What does our education train us for? To be dummies? I bet there are at least 100 extraordinary youth who can head the cities. Let the ministries mandatorily hire the graduates, the law ministry must hire all pass out graduates of law and then deploy them for legal development and reform. Same with other ministries. Minimise the unemployment and lessen the conflict, because only empty minds are homes of the devils.

Plan your nation, as you really want her to be.

Election is a right, Voting is the medium and Being a candidate is all it matters.

You have the quality of a leader, run for the elections and lead. If others do not make a difference, it means its your turn now.

Form a youth wing, regardless of political belief, race, caste, gender and origin.

Good Luck.


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