Remembering Kiran… Obituary

May His Soul rest in Peace!
Dear all:
Kiran and I shared the bst times together all these years. I was taken by surprise and shock when one of my friends called me and delivered this sad news. We both could not believe what we had heard.
The idea of creating a fund in his name is simply great. This might be a best tribute for him. If any one has photos of Kiran, i request all to share these photos with all the friends. Kiran Foundation could be a possibility for this purpose.

Studying Law:
It was in 1995 when we started our Law school together in Nepal law campus. We studied there for 6 years, gave our bar exam together and later on started as lawyers. In 2000, he was the first captian of Nepal Law campus in the Vice Chancellors Cup. He took it very seriously and we gave a tough fight to our oppenents. Everyone admired his bowling skills. He was our opener. He had stsrted as a lawyer in a law firm recently and used to tell me that he enjoyed his practice. He was against malpractice as most of the youg lawyers were into. He wanted to become a successful lawyer himself and he was going to be one for sure.

Friends, Love and Relationship:
he was a shy guy in terms of relationship. All these years was rich in friendship though. One could always find him in Anamnagar, every morning, ready to listen to the worries of his friends, consoling them, suggesting them and even telling them what to do next. last few months, Kiran had changed a lot. he had maintained his shape, got rid of his tummy and was a recharged man. I am not sure about this but we heard he had a crush on a girl from TC and things were going on very smoothly.

I must admit i was into dope for a while. I admit this because it is significant for me while I am writing about Kiran. i came to US in July. I remember the time, in May, when Kiran once got angry on me because i was doing too much of dope. He was suggesting me to get rid of this habit and get decent. he even told me to get out of the circle of those friends with whom i was hanging around for dope. He actually made me feel responsible and made me promise that i would quit. I must admit here again, it was because of Kiran, i quitted dope after that conversation. I was a fresh person again, thanks to Kiran. last time i met him, he was sharing his dreams with me to go abroad, preferably to UK for further stidies and a career.

Just 3 days before this mishap, Kiran met my wife in Kalikasthan. They talked about me basically. he said he missed me and my company. He said ‘Giri gai halyo hoina……….pakha….aba haami pani bistarai jaanu parchhaaa………!’

May his soul rest in Peace.
Santosh Giri
752 Stockton St., Apt 15, San Francisco, CA 94108 Cell 415-202-3215


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