Summary: Life till now

I am a licensed attorney from Nepal and a father of a three-year-old daughter. I was born in a border town between India and Nepal. I pursued my secondary education in St. Xavier’s School in Kathmandu. I completed a two year intermediate level in law, a three year bachelor in law and a two year masters in law in 2002. Since 1998, I had been practicing law in Nepal as a Pleader and as an advocate since 2001. In summer of 2005, I got an opportunity to come to United States to attend a month long Orientation in USA Law in UC Davis and UC Berkeley. This opportunity exposed me to the realm of American Legal System and the immense career possibilities in the legal field. This led me towards a desire to join a law school here in United States. Eventually, I was accepted by the Golden Gate University for LLM in the USLS program for fall 2005. My wife, Mameeta, a practicing lawyer, has also joined me at GGU in the same course starting this spring. Apart from me and my wife, my elder brother is also a lawyer and we all inherited this passion for law from our father, who is a senior justice in the Supreme Court of Nepal. As a young professional lawyer and thriving for a successful career in law, I have had opportunities to practice as a legal consultant in diverse nature companies related to foreign direct investment, telecommunication, hydropower and multi-modal transportation. I also practiced as a public interest litigation lawyer with various national and international human rights organizations. Having had a sound academic background in Law, I have been always successful in attaining top five positions during my seven-year study of Law in Nepal. Therefore, I am optimistic that I can do well in the LLM program at GGU and the Californian Bar Exam in future.
I have a passion in Law and foresee a bright career ahead in the United States too. I am optimistic and hardworking in nature. I have interests in music and skills in some sports such as cricket, badminton and snooker. I have been very sensitive in the sector of social service ever since I began as a member of the Social Service Club during my Schooldays; during my youth as a Rotaract in the Rotary Club and as a leader in some leading Non-Governmental Organizations. As a law student I have been marked by my faculty as an extremely capable and above average student. I was the President of the LL.M Students Forum at Nepal Law Campus too. As far as my personal interest in law, I have been nominated twice consecutively in 2003 and 2004 as an Executive Member of the Information, Communication and Technology Committee of Nepal Bar Association. This nomination was in fact recognition of the first Law Firm Management Software which I had designed in Nepal in 2002. Currently, many renowned law firms in Nepal are using this software.
            My family ties with law have helped me a lot in my successful career and academics. Moreover, studying law in an international environment is not every student’s cup of tea, considering the huge tuition fees and living expenses. Without a grant or a Scholarship, very few Nepalese Students may afford an International LL.M. However, for a middle-class student like me, affording a higher level of education in the Untied States was absolutely out of question. Luckily, I have been successful in receiving partial scholarship to cover some of my tuition expenses. Today, my keen interest and desire in legal service has led me towards a new world of possibilities with TCF. I am sure TCF’s recognition of diversity among its staff and its team of leading South Asian lawyers shall eventually embrace me and open the doors towards a gleaming future for me.


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