why law?

My father insisted me to pursue an international degree in law and for that he suggested that the American Legal Education is the best move which I wanted too. Moreover, in today’s world of globalization, he insisted me to proceed further than the national legal practice. As a LLM student, I have been confronted to the theoretical and practical aspects of the American Legal system. This rare opportunity has provided me with insight into the American legal education, and compelled me to pursue an advance legal education in the
US. In the realm of globalization and with the application of WTO, most nations including
Nepal has been obliged to imply the global norms of the multilateralism. As a member of WTO,
Nepal has been focusing in amendments of laws, procedures and regulations to comply with the service sectors as well as the trade sectors. As the legal profession falls in the service category, it is evident that the legal profession of
Nepal will eventually be open to the foreign lawyers too. This situation creates an obligation for the lawyers of
Nepal to get in-depth knowledge on the international legal system and specially the American legal system, which most nations are following these days. Therefore, my primary objective is to pursue LLM and to step into the legal profession in theUnited States which shall ultimately enable me to serve as a trans-national lawyer.



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