Terror in our minds…

My parents were here for a short visit in san francisco, My father is a judge in the supreme court. I went to see them off at the SFO airport this morning and was numb to see the treatment of the security officials towards non-white skin travellers.

Without hesitation my parents were told to move to a side where two different officials started to search their body, with machine, with gloved hand and again and again by machine ‘the detector’. the checking process went on for around 35 minutes on both of them until 7:01 am to be precise. They had to board the 7:03 plane.

Even though educated elderly seldom understand the ascent, questions and comments passed on them, especially when they are from south asia. we have a different dialect a different tone and follow somewhat british english. My mom, on the other hand who does not speak english at all felt really bad about what was going on , i could see the feeling through the glass wall. They had to surrender to the security personells on every commands they order.

I dont mean here to blame the security officials, of course they are just following their duties; but at least they can judge on humanitarian grounds and decide who are potentially dangerous or not.

Of course, the 9/11 has doomed our minds and evry second person should be examined in a precise manner just to avoid any mishap. we cannot afford any more terrorism anywhere, anywhere in the world.

I just wanted to share my first mornign experience of the airport scenario, where i actually felt really bad about my skin tone. If only, i had white-bleached skin! I am not being a racist here and i have never been one before nor shall ever be.

I just wanted to share with you the reality, in fact the silent reality of security check at our airports. While others were passing freely with less scrutinizing, asians-in-large were strictly monitored.

I dont feel bad about it but i dint know what came into my mind……..

i know, its necessary to have this security standard in order to protect the lives of millions of both citizens, immigrants and non-immigrants.



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