Need to eliminate social malpractice

KATHMANDU, June 26 : The need to challenge and monitor the social and religious norms of the country in order to eliminate the discriminatory laws and practices of the society was stressed by various legal experts at an interaction programme organised by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) here today. Pointing out the backwardness and ill practices like domestic violence and girl trafficking rampant in the country, legal experts and social workers highlighted legal and social consequences of such malpractice in the country.

Legal experts like advocates Sapana Pradhan Malla and
Santosh Giri presented case studies of those women who are the victims of either traditional or superstitious beliefs like witchcraft and social malpractice like girl trafficking and domestic violence that have ruined not only their lives but also of their kith and kin.

“The problem today is that though such victimized women have come out to seek legal assistance, there are no clear provisions under which law we can file the case”, said advocate
Santosh Giri. According to him, such superstitious beliefs like the witchcraft can be tackled only through medical training to traditional faith healers or Dhami Jhakris.

Lawyer Sapana Pradhan Malla said that with the on-going conflict and war in the country, women have become the victims of insecurity and poverty. “Women’s movement should be strengthened and the law and the society should go together in taking the initiatives,” she said.

The experts also discussed in detail the problem of girl trafficking despite government and non-governmental organisation’s initiative to curb trafficking in girls.

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