I had a love marriage, a 4 year affair turned to amarriage and i am waiting eagerly for my 5th anneversary on this April 1st. I have my own story and will surely share it with full compassion in a few days. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth.

My cousin, with whom i have been spending these weekends nowadays, is fired with the marriage bullet every now and then by his parents and his relatives, friends, well wishers and he sometimes gets pissed off! I recall him commenting on marriage once last month, “yestai ho bhane ma keta lai bihe gardinchhu…”; and yet another ” ma ta bihe garna jahile pani tayar nai thiye, jahile pani tayar chhu, gardina bhaneko hoina ni, garchhu….tara….mero lagi kasto keti khojne ho bhanera bujhna ko lagi pahile malai ramrari bujheko hunu paryo tapai haru le…….”

A friend of ours H and his girl friend K, both of whom were our closest pals in college days (along with M & K) got married two months ago finally. The irony is that we always suspected this thing would work out between them, given their quarrels, threats, unacceptance from home of each other and several failed attempts of relationship break-ups! But they did any way and i hope they have begun living happily form that day after…

M & K; M the guy was the first in our group to fall over K the gurl; its been 8 years of sheer love affair between them and finally, they compromised (somehow) to be seperate. K the gurl is seperate and the guy sent an email to me yesterday saying that he is finally getting married! With someone else….of course….. and he seemed damn happy. Good for him. With all these years of Masters in Love he can outrun any relationship issues in future, i am dead sure! Good luck for K the gurl. Go for a PHd Gurl!!!

A, the hiphop downtown Kathmandu guy, a lover cassanova; left for abroad study years back (9 years) ended up there in some serious relationship trips , wandered here and there, loved the ‘dust’ instead of people and ended up screwed up in the generation of flowers. Last time he told me that he was marrying a carribian girl and one month later his parents had to bring him back to Nepal, given unforseen reason. What his past explains is not of prime concern to me here. What is important is that, one month and some days in Nepal….and he married an educated professional woman and is enjoying his life. He seems to be more focussed, serious, clean and result orientred now given the fact that he has immense responsibilities to keep up the marriage alive and glowing and to live happily ever after.

A couple more and I am done: I am not bitchin’ around here…just trying to understand the different phenomenon of marriages….. and help them undrestand better who plan to marry ……..

J, dude from KTM , landed up in East Coast, stayed here for 8 yrs as a student, got married last year with a Nepalese gurl there. A couple of months of sheer excitement of a new marriage…..moving from a studio to a 1 bedroom in a suburb from a thin neighbourhood. Ended up with DUI, possession and an e-crime of ‘possible’ sexual harrassment of a minor; forceibly returned (deported!). Lives a happy life now and hates George Bush!!!

R, postgraduate, ended up being here, just because his girlfriend came year a month earlier. Crossed the seven seas to get married and now faces challange to keep up with his decision given the fact that her parents are not willing to approve. The marriage is still kept a secret! But they are married anyway! The gurl lives in east coast and the dude in the west…

B, been here for  4 years. Ended up here after a long serious relationship with a blonde. stayed together for a couple of months, didn’t work and split as good friends. Dont know about the lady but our guy is desperate….haunted by the fear of marriage and the need to marry together. Last time he called his family back home, he had to debate on theissue of ‘marriage’ over the phone at 2 a.m. in the morning!!! See what marriage can do to the singles!

Hey, doc… seem to be happy about this that nothin has been written about you! Hold on….Next time I get a chance…..I am going to…..

Ok guys….back to work……mind on work……


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