Globalization, Human Rights and Nepal

The world is getting smaller and turning into a global village every second in the realm of globalization. The human rights violation, terrorism and violation of rule of law in one part of the world ipso-facto affects the other parts.


I have been practicing as a Human Rights Lawyer in the field of Human Rights, Racial Discrimination and Women Rights for the last seven years and have had opportunities to serve some international organizations in a direct or indirect manner. Given the gross human rights violation and lack of proper international law advocacy, I aspire to be a sound international lawyer and raise voice against the gross human rights violation in Nepal.


Becoming a lawyer always fascinated me due to the constant inspiration of my father, a Judge. As an attorney tomorrow, I can contribute to the world in the human rights field as a strict follower of rule of law and shall always advocate on respect towards human rights globally.


I am an international student from Nepal, an underdeveloped and conflict affected nation today. We face severe problem of unemployment, illiteracy, low mortality, poverty and armed conflict.


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