Nepal needs support at this moment.

Nepal needs support at this moment. The Nepalese are the one who need this support to be precise. There's no point supporting the Maoist led war or the present government or even the failed political parties. The need should be analyzed and it has been done time and again. Whatever the results were, no initiation was seen from any reliable source. The hungry are getting hungrier; where's the food?  The poor are getting poorer; where’s alleviation of poverty? The discriminated are bring tortured from all three above mentioned superiors; where's their justice? The women are still being trafficked. The incomparable water resources of 34000MW have still been unutilized; where is the support for this by the international agencies? On the other hand, big nations have been making Nepal as a development laboratory, feeding it with military aid and limiting themselves to the so called human-rights actions. Nothing has changed because of the international aid so far. Whatever has developed has developed due to the natural course of time.

if the international community were really serious about Nepal and were willing to support Nepal to combat its war against 'being a failure state'; they should concentrate on mass investment as donation and aid on hydropower that can be sold in the developing market and power need of the mighty china and India and even other neighboring south Asian countries. Mega production of hydro power or the white gold shall eventually result in infra structure development in the remotest parts of Nepal where the rivers and the reservoirs are available. This shall eventually increase employment and result in increase in per capita income of the Nepalese living below the poverty line. The majority of uneducated Nepalese shall benefit from this outcome through labor and economic benefits. Electricity can in turn help develop sustainable, environmentally friendly transportation systems such as the presently operating cable car system that can reach in all parts of this high and low terrain nation. The electricity can also develop Nepal as the modern mountain tourism spot equivalent to Switzerland. This shall result in more employment generation, giving opportunities to the educated and less educated Nepalese through employment. Electric transportation systems such as trains, trams, trolleys and other similar zero emission vehicles can be operated only when the electricity is generated. It’s a pity that today Nepal is forced to import nearly fifty MW electricity from India every year, to which it is actually supposed to se

There are 4000 villages in Nepal and 50% or more of them do not have power. If this scenario were to be changed, villages could light up resulting to more economic activities for the people. The other factor that has hit Nepal in the recent years is the information and technology. But sadly, only 30 cities are internet accessible. Electricity can help solve this problem too, by providing means of information and technology development in all parts of the nation. Internet and networking can help the public services serve better with immediate transaction and record sharing.

Is it possible in the present insurgent scenario?

Of course. At least it is possible in all the lower belts of Nepal where less or no Maoist casualties have been reported. To start with, huge resources such as arun, koshi, narayani, gandaki, karnali, bheri, mahakali, mechi, bagmati, seti and other major semi rivers are ready for the transformation. The only constraint is finance. Nepal cannot handle this on its own. Nor can it take loan from huge pervert banks who eventually scrap their investment from the poor Nepalese making them poorer. There needs to be a commitment for Nepal from all loving nations around the world. A commitment to change Nepal, transform Nepal and to modernize it; to immunize it from terrorism, from ill political scandals, corruption, power centers, anarchism and autocracy and from the hands of the disillusioned Maoists who are following the path of Mao, of whom even China has discarded his notion.

What about the question then? When is armed revolution justified?

Never. Instead of providing support either to the government or to the Maoists by supplying arms in the name of weapons or military aid or similar known and known means; why not centralize the support for the sole purpose of power development in Nepal? Why justify guns when we have already feared from terrorism versions of 9/11?

Therefore there has to be a commitment from all, all segments, all nations and all concerned to help Nepal modify itself and to help it to rise from its worst situation. It may take another 20 years but the results will be certain. Whereas, given the scenario of another south Asian nation Sri Lanka where the armed conflict has rooted itself for 20 years, if support is made on weapon, Nepal will reach nowhere but collapse. It might not be far when this paradise nation shall be declared as another Kashmir between two arch rivals India and China.


May Lord Buddha the peace maker, Lord Vishnu the creator, Lord Brahma the generator and Lord Shiva the destroyer save Nepal from all evils. May lord ganesh, the beginning of all good work, Goddess saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and Goddess durga, the goddess of strength and truth open the eyes of those who truly adore Nepal and seek peace for her.


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