Human Rights Violation

I believe it is my duty as a human rights lawyer and a human rights defender from Nepal to let the democratic people of the United States know what exactly is going on in Nepal. The gross human rights violation in Nepal has been condemned by the international community every now and then but rarely any strict action taken. Although the US has stopped funding the government for the ammos, it is still unclear why the US is not taking strict and severe action against the gross human rights violation in Nepal. Recent comments by the US only tend to diplomatically 'suggest' the King what exactly to do!In a statement issued on Monday April 10, 2006, spokesman of the US Department of State, Seam McCormack, said, “The demonstrations, deaths, arrests, and Maoist attacks in the past few days have shown there is more insecurity, not less.” The US has also renewed its call upon the Nepali monarch to restore democracy immediately and to begin a dialogue with the country’s constitutional political parties. “It is time the King recognizes that this is the best way to deal with the Maoist insurgency and to return peace and prosperity to Nepal," the spokesperson said.Therefore, I, on behalf of the people of Nepal, urge the people of the United States to raise their voices against the ongoing atrocities on the people of Nepal and urge the US as well as the international community to immediately impose sanctions under the international law. In a global world we are living today, I believe, it is not only my duty to be concerned about Nepal but equally yours!

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