Children affected by the ongoing armed conflict.

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1. Children In Conflict: Securing Their Rights


Since the violent Maoist insurgency began in 1996, many innocent children have been killed. Reports show that more than 4,000 children have become orphans due to the ongoing conflict. According to a recent UNICEF report, more than 400 children have lost their lives in the course of the armed conflict in Nepal. Of them, the number of girls is 124.Around 40,000 children have been displaced from their homes or villages during the last 10 years of the conflict. The displaced families and children have mostly shifted to the urban areas to start a living, where they are subject to discrimination and exploitation. Such victims of the conflict have also found shelter in the district headquarters. They are still not in a position to return home due to the existing terror despite the so-called cease-fire announced by the rebels.

Apart from being deprived of their fundamental rights, they face various forms of exploitation and torture. Of them, the most common type of violence forced on them is when they are involved in the worst forms of labor. They also face sexual harassment. As per another estimate, about 500 children have been handicapped while working in such hazardous conditions. The conflict has a psychological effect on the children, when they become witness to the inhuman activities carried out by the warring sides. This is the main reason for the increasing number of rural children having mental disorder.

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has not abided by the minimum norms under international conventions and protocols. As per the provisions in the international conventions related to child rights, children below 18 years of age cannot be involved in armed conflict. Despite the commitment made by the Maoist leadership to free children from violence and exploitation, in practice, it has not given any serious consideration to the protection of the fundamental rights of children. In addition, development infrastructure such as drinking water projects children’s homes, bridges, telephone towers, orphanages and schools have become the targets of the Maoists. 

2. CONFLICT IN NEPAL & ITS IMPACT ON CHILDREN ( Reports%5CCAAC Nepal final report.pdf )

See TABLE 6: Victims of Police & Maoists during the conflict (13.2.96-31.1.01)

3. Children in Armed Conflict: News Bulletion of CWIN


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