Students protest against SPA leaders

Students protest against SPA leaders


KATHMANDU, May 2 – Students of central campus of Tribhuvan University took out a stick rally from Kirtipur protesting against the signs of the “re-emmergence of the old practice” by the political leaders.

The protesters said that their rally is aimed at questioning leaders who’s hanging over position in the cabinet against the statements of the public movement.

The students were in the angry mood with the assurance of circling the Prime Minister’s office.

Likewise, thousands of students in Chitwan took out a protest rally against the “behaviour” of the political leaders’ quarrel for holding their desired post in the cabinet.

Students chanted the slogans like “Stop jolting for power, don’t delay the constituent assembly, and stop favouring palace”. The protestors also ordered the businessmen to shut down their shops.

Students of Sapta Gandaki Campus and Balkumari Campus participated in the protest programme.

All the campuses in Chitwan were closed down.

Meanwhile, student leaders today warned the leaders of the seven-party alliance of stringent action if they failed to honour the sentiments of people’s movement while undertaking their responsibilities.

Speaking at a programme organized by Reporters’ Club in Kathmandu, the leaders stressed that if the SPA are to commit an error again then it would signal an unfortunate disaster.

Lekhnath Neupane, president of Maoist aligned All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), said that the nation should move ahead on the basis of political decisions. He also said that the Maoists would not hinder the peace processes.

Student leader Gagan Thapa said that action against the SPA leaders should be taken if they move against the spirit of the people’s mass movement.



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