Nepalese Pressure Group in the USA

Series of programs are being organized by Nepalese in the bay area after the political change and the Nepalese New Year (celebrated April 15th to May 15th in the United States, according to the schedule of the community members). One of the leading human rights activists Mr. Dinesh Tripathi was also here in California to share his thoughts on Nepalese political situation. We, lawyers and some non-profit officers of Nepali NGOs are planning to arrange and attend several programs in California, in different places from San Jose to Los Angeles in the coming days regarding the unveiling political condition in Nepal.

I have had opportunity to attend 3 small programs of Nepalese in the bay area in the last 2 weeks where discussions, interaction and meetings were held after the recent political change in Nepal.’ Contribution of Non-resident Nepalese in making of a new constitution', 'role of Nepalese abroad in making of new Nepal' and 'collection of funds/donations for the demonstration victims treatment fund' were the programs I attended. I attended a Nepalese New Year program this week in Fremont, California, where around 80 Nepalese had gathered.

To sum up:

  1. The Nepalese community wants to see how the political scenario unfolds in Nepal in May, when election announcement, talks with the Maoists and constitutional assembly election leading to a new constitution is awaited.

  2. The community and its people rely mostly on Nepalese political situation. If the situation gets better in Nepal, they would rather return back to their nation and contribute to the society to make a new Nepal so that the coming generation would not have to suffer as they did.

  3. Asylum petitions and refuge issues in the United States is respected, yet, until and unless there is no solution in Nepal, One should not take refuge, apply for asylum themselves or suggest anyone to do so. 'Asylum' should be taken as a last resort and that we must endure to have a last hope from the new government formed.

Recent news on Nepalese political dramatic changes have been posted in my blog regularly, you can view them at

I look forward to form the group and create a supportive environment for Nepalese here in United States. We need to make the senators and congressmen aware of situation in Nepal and provide them with detailed situation and backgrounds of Nepalese society. Like other south-east nations such a Philippines, the Nepalese students must also receive ‘work authorization’ based on the fact of Nepalese economy downfall, political instability and economic status of the nation as a whole. A recent data reveals that Nepal is in the 20th position in the list of failed states. Efforts should be made immediately so that no Nepalese will have to face the situation of being an ‘illegal-immigrant’.