Mission: Legalized Work Authorization for Nepalese Students in the United States

Vision: Reciprocal Rights of Nepalese students compared to SE Asian students and time-to-time classified ‘adversely-affected’ students as per USCIS determinations

Goal: ‘Student Relief Program’ for Nepalese Students


Enactment of a ‘Student Relief Program for Nepalese Students in the US’ is a deemed reciprocal policy for Nepalese students in the US for work authorization, compared to the 1998 SE Asian Policy, 2004 Tsunami and 2005 Katrina adversely affected students, considering the devastating economic, political and infrastructure condition of Nepal. It is evident from the last 10 years facts on conflict and Nepal that Nepalese students deserve the special policy ‘Student Relief Program’.

The overwhelming response to the proposed ‘Nepali Students Relief program’ Petition has attracted the attention of thousands of Nepalese students studying at several universities all over the United States in a matter of no time.

This inevitable fact establishes the need of the special policy which USCIS can enact at any time, if proven legitimate. The ground for such classification is totally justified (see older posts). Our interest is solely to help USCIS determine this appropriate ‘exceptional classification’ through unanimous appeal from as many Nepalese students, through a unified signature campaign.


The steps we shall follow while lobbying as Minority Interest Group are:

  1. Signatures Collection for the petition (see Pressure Group USA’ page for format).
  2. Filing of a support letter and submission of supporting evidences to the USCIS
  3. Forwarding the same to senators, congressmen, legislators, legislative committees for proper lobbying in the legislative ‘law making sessions’
  4. Organizing peaceful demonstrations in future, if required, in accordance to the ‘Establishment Clause’ First Amendment Free Speech Rights.
  5. Organizing press conferences to attract attention of appropriate rights based organizations so that our voices are heard clearly
  6. Determination of an appropriate timeframe for the classification (if sought by USCIS and other compelling authorities)
  7. Urging universities/schools where Nepalese students study to issue supportive letters given the situation of Nepal and need for the classification
  8. Follow up with each state’s senators and congressman (applicable states where Nepalese students are studying at large)


  1. Very good initiative and wish you (the organiser/initiator) the best luck. We might have to look into if we also can do something like that here in Australia as well.

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