Signature Collection Format for the Petition

Dear Friends,

Please copy and paste this page in word A4 white paper, double spacing it and 12 -Times font. I request you to print this page and start collecting signatures of every student in your school/university/city/state (whatever possible). I request you all to send the collected pages with signatures to the LAW NEPAL address: LAW NEPAL, 2750 Florence Ave 6, San Jose, CA 95127. There is no specific number we have to reach for he petition, but 'the more the better!' The deadline for signature collection shall be discussed as per everyone's interest/suggestion, allowing a majority decision. We all are involved in it and it is everyone's responsibility to collect the signatures as soon as we can. I will alert you about the support letter not later than May 21, 2006 in and We will, \We shall, We can!

Copy, paste and print the document from PRESSURE GROUP page.