CPNM wants to be in the Government (Exclusive Interview)

Integrated Regional Information Networks
United Nations

Interview With Senior Maoist Leader, Ram Bahadur Bhandari

Our main goals have been to form an interim government with the presence of our Maoist party. 

Senior Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Bhandari, based in the remote rebel-controlled village of Katunje, 150 kilometers (93 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu, spoke exclusively to IRIN about where his movement, now at a critical crossroads, goes from here.

QUESTION: Are you optimistic that a political resolution to Nepal's crisis is now possible?

ANSWER: Our main point is that if the seven party alliance leaders use us only as a weapon against the king, then we will continue with our political struggle to liberate the Nepalese people from all forms of repression.

Q: So, Nepalese civilians will have to endure more violence?

A: Not anymore. Since the repressive king is not ruling anymore, we shall continue in the most peaceful means. If there had been violence on our part then it was just to counter the violence penetrated by the repressive regime.

For full text of the interview see: http://www.worldpress.org/Asia/2340.cfm#down


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