Lawmakers criticize government; demands clarification from PM

Lawmakers have strongly criticized the government for flouting the historic House Proclamation while appointing new ministers through the palace early this week and delay in the implementation of the proclamation. Speaking during the Special Hour in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, members alleged that the government has demonstrated its reluctance to take action against the army, delink the King from the army and bring the Royal Palace Service within the Civil Service. UML lawmaker Ishwar Pokharel sought information on the government's progress in changing work performance regulations, changing Palace security arrangements and scrapping the National Security Council – some major promises made by the House last week. Supporting Pokharel, Jagannath Khatiwada and Asta Laxmi Shakya of the same party urged Prime Minister GP Koirala to inform the House whether he breached his own commitment by asking the Palace to issue a press communiqué about cabinet members' appointment. Khatiwada also urged the government to pay immediate attention to reports of secret meetings between some suspended police officers and royal elements against the present government. Stressing that PM Koirala must tell the House what transpired during his meeting with King Gyanendra on Sunday, Lilamani Pokharel of People's Front Nepal (PFN) said the meeting can't be a "secret". Stressing that the House should continue to function until members for the constituent assembly are elected, Govinda Bahadur Shah of NC-D urged the government to involve the United Nations by consulting India and China on peace initiatives. In a historic decision, the reinstated House of Representatives on Thursday declared itself “supreme” and for the first time in the country’s history.