New Movers and Shakers of Nepali Politics!

Any Constitution, whether it is of the United States of America or that of Nepal, is merely a draft paper wherein it is agreed upon that the nation would henceforth run as per the stipulations written in what is later called as the Constitution of that particular country. No constitution in the world has so far been out rightly dubbed as a scrap of paper that is filled with gossips. The presumption is that the constitution thus drafted by the group of constitutional experts would look into the entire practical and the needed aspects so that no group in the society remains neglected by the State that has so recently embarked upon a new path charted by the new draft-constitution.

Thus what is clear from all these are that the constitution is merely a document compiled by constitutional experts whose effective implementation by the State is what is not only important but meaningful as well.

To recall, there were loud voices and at times lectures from various constitutional experts of this country who were never tired of calling the 1990 constitution as one of the best in South Asia which could even be brought for competition among the most advanced constitutions of the world prevailing around that time. But where we failed then? Which factors or for that matter which portions contained in the constitution were not implemented in its totality or which sections of the society were grossly neglected by the State that led to this chaos and disturbance in the country? What was the root cause that bred this hatred against the State that a sizeable chunk of the population has had to initiate a sort of total revolt and that too on a voluntary basis against the State itself demanding the end of such a neglect that was imposed on them? What forced the population to join the rebels' enmasse in order to have an altogether a new constitution that they concluded would take care of them and their society so far neglected by the previous constitutions? Why the 1990 constitution that was admired here and there could not bring the neglected and the rejected section of the society in the main political stream of the country and why this section of the society considered themselves as to have been deliberately sidelined from the fruits of development? Question also arises as to whether the constitution drafted so meticulously in 1990 was itself in a very bad shape or the men supposed to be the real implementers provided it a shape that was unacceptable to the chunk of the population who saw a silver lining in the words of the rebels and later joined their ranks?

To cut it short, no constitution in the world is a bad one. No country at least in this modern day world drafts a bad constitution for her population. It is always the implementation part that is important. If the men involved in the implementation of the draft constitution remain true to the letter and spirit of the draft, the constitution is accepted by each and every section of the society or else it is discarded in the manner we ourselves rejected the 1990 constitution.

Now that we are all prepared top go in for the election of a constituent assembly which hopefully in due course of time will chart a new constitution for the State, let's presume that we will have good implementators of the yet-to-be drafted constitution. We have reasons to believe that the new constitution so drafted at a later stage will be effectively implemented because we will have a new set of men in the Nepal's power corridors soon who will live up to their promises made to the population prior to going to the jungles. Since we will have new movers and shakers of Nepali politics at the helm of affairs of the State soon, let's hope that the new constitution will not die a premature death to what the fate had for the 1990 constitution.

The implementation part thus becomes important if Nepal were to become a real welfare state wherein all the sections of the society are treated in an equal manner and all get their due share of the fruits of development. Any lapse made in this regard in the future might give birth to yet another insurgency. Let's be cautious in this regard. Exhibition of certain desirable amount of enthusiasm is tolerable. But if this enthusiasm is bereft of the required and needed behavioral restraint, the entire effort at making a better Nepal might go to the dogs.


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