More bloodshed if parliament is made the be-all and end-all: Prachanda

By Bhojraj Bhat

Chitwan, June 8 – Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) Prachanda alias Pushpa Kamal Dahal has warned that the country would witness further bloodshed if the government moved ahead by considering the parliament as the be-all and end-all. He has also claimed that the seven parties are entangled in "minor" issues without entering the main agenda of peace. In an interview to Kantipur Television- which is his first interview to any Nepali television- Prachanda said, "The parliament should have been dissolved soon after holding talks with us and an interim government should have been formed." He also said that the interim government should have been formed with participation from the representatives of the forces behind the recentJanandolan- the seven parties, Maoists and civil society. "But now, there is a serious conspiracy in the way efforts are being made to make the parliament all and everything," he said.

The Maoist supremo also accused that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala's India visit, too, was part of the same conspiracy. "It will be disastrous for the country if India invites the Prime Minister and gives him money (financial assistance) and tries to make believe that parliament is everything," he said, "We had said assistance should be brought in after reaching an agreement through talks first." Prachanda also informed that he had a telephone conversation with PM Koirala before the latter left for New Delhi. The Maoist leader also said that "the people want a republic but the seven parties are not working as per the popular aspirations." When asked if the delay in the dialogue could obstruct the dialogue process, Prachanda said, "Lets not say the dialogue process will be obstructed but instead of engaging in the main agenda of peace, the seven parties are entangled in other issues which is a matter of surprise." Accusing the seven parties of trying to take all credit for the recent popular movement, Prachanda said it was "ridiculous and shameful." Prachanda also said that Parliament's proclamations have become a means to create illusion in the people. "The country was declared as untouchability free country (by parliament). Mahendra (late king Mahendra) himself had made this declaration in the new Muluki Ain (civil code). We don't see any difference in essence between the parliament's proclamation and Mahendra's declaration." Prachanda is currently busy in training the party cadres on the decisions passed by the special meeting of the party's central committee in India. "I have finished training two commands. The special command in the Valley and the eastern command." Another senior Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Prachanda's wife Sita Paudel and son Prakash and other regional leaders of the party were in Chitwan during the time of the interview. "The parties are trying to ignore us even as we are trying to reach an agreement by holding talks. Efforts are being made to revive the expired local bodies," Prachanda said, "If so, there will again be bloodshed in the country. Clashes will again begin in the villages." Prachanda, however, put forward his stand that the "new regime" of the Maoists will not be dissolved immediately. "The two regimes will be incorporated into each other when we form the interim government. Only then will the village people's governments and the village development committees be united." The interview


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