Last seen: Colorado 

ANLUS is appealing Embassy of Nepal to immediately seek information from the US Government on whereabouts of Miss Pratistha Budathoki. The US Government has refused to povide additional information on Miss Pratistha, unless a relative or a family member requests for the information. ANLUS requests for immediate action from Nepal Embassy in this regard.

ANLUS will be having a conversation with the Embassy of Nepal on June 29th 2006 regarding this issue. We hope that The officials take this matter seriously and provide us with full and detailed information. 

As Miss Pratistha’s uncle is arriving on friday, we hope that information (if any) on Pratistha will be revealed by the investigating authority as soon as he presents himself in a due deligence manner respecting his right to information.

We all pray for the safety and sound health of Miss Pratistha in this moment of grief and offer our sincerest solidarity towards finding her.


Missing: Pratistha Budhathoki

26 June, Monday. The Nepali community in the US had hardly recovered from the tragedies of several Nepali students being involved in separate fatal accidents in spring this year when late last week news broke that the 20-year-old Nepali student Pratistha Budhathoki went missing in the quiet and peaceful small town of Estes Park, Colorado. Shocked local residents and worried Nepalis fear the worst as hopes of finding her alive rapidly turns into just hopes of finding any trace or remains of her after a week of her disappearance.

For more info: www.nepaliaawaz.com


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