Condolence: Sad demise of Dr. Gopal Sharma Ph.D.


Sad demise of Professor Dr. Gopal Sharma Ph.D.

Please join us in expressing our deepest condelence at this hour to the sad demise of our beloved law professor Dr. Gopal Sharma Ph. D.

It has been notified to ANLUS that Dr. Sharma passed away last night in hi own room. Details are yet to ome. We will update you with the latest on this.
Dr. Sharma will live for years to come within the hearts of his students. He taught International Law in Nepal Law Campus. He is also decorated as the forst Ph.D. in Law from Nepal. Dr. Sharma had a pure dream of establishing a national law library starting with his own personal contribution of books and literature. Dr. Sharma wanted to establish a Law Foundation that would assist law students gain global level legal education.
During his last years, he was deviated towards astrology and was keenly observing astrology, hindu ‘tithis’ and studying some selected individuals.
He always believed in ’simple living and high thinking’. Those who have visited his room have been stunned by the simple lifestyle and his dedication towards law and leagl development.

May his soul rest in peace.

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As stated by our corrospondent and associate member Advocate Rabin K.C. from Nepal 17:30 PST.