Supreme Court Justice Giri attacked.

November 30, 2006 6:00 PM

A person baged into Justice Kedar Prasad Giri’s residence ‘Radha Krishna Niwas” in Ghattekulo  and attacked him with a knife, this evening. The person was overpowered by Justice Giri  and his family members who had to breakin the door which was locked from inside by the attacker.

The person has been identified as a BA II year student of Trichandra Campus, Kathmandu. The police authorities investigating the case have found a list of six justices of the Supreme Court, marked by the culprit. It is said that a possible conspiracy may have been designed against the justices. According to the family sources, Justice Giri had no relation or connection with the said culprit. However, the person was said to have behaved as ‘psyco’ who entered the house as a simple meeting with the Justice. The person is a Terai native and Justice Giri allowed him to enter the house as he himself  comes from the Terai community. Justice Giri has been always supportive towards the betterment of the Terai people and always listens to their agony and pains. After a brief talk with Justice Giri, the person left the room and later came in again and locked the meeting room door from inside and attacked him. It is lucky that Justice Giri was successful in overpowering the attacker and then shouting for help of his family members, who barged into the room and took control of the situation.

The security system for the justices is exteremely weak in nepal. The Chief Justice of the supreme Court and the  Chief Judges of Appeallete courts and districts Court are only provided with security personnel. Other judges of the supreme Court, Appeallate and District Courts are not provided with security.

It is high time the government thinks about this seriously and provides adequate safety measures to ensure independent justice system in nepal.

Justice Giri in the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of nepal. He has served the judiciary for over 3 decades. Justice Giri is highly credited by national and international media and organisations worldwide about his decision lately that reshaped the political dimension of the downsliding nation. Justice Giri along with other judges had decided to nullify the Royal Commission on Corruption Control, setup by the King Gyanendra after he overtook power of the himalayan kingdom. The decision about nullyfying a royal move is said to be first of its kind. The decision has been hailed by all major political parties and human rights organisations as the path paved towards a full democratic Nepal in the making.

It is notable that a couple of years ago, a ‘hit list’ had been published in a national weekly by the then agetating armed revolutionaries CPNM, in which 100 people had been listed, including some justices. It should also be noted that a seperate terrorist wing of Terai Mukti Morcha (TMM-Terai based millitants) has been active in several attacks, tortures, robbery and atrocities all accross the nation. The group issaid to have been seperated from the Communist party of Nepal (maoist, which recently returned to the political mainstream after series of peaceful talk.

Unless the government and the parliament decides for full security and scrutinized measures on people threatening the judges and the judiciary as a whole, free and fearless justice cannot be guaranteed .

by- Santosh Giri, Family Member, after a brief talk with Justice Giri and Family members after 1 hour of the incident.