The New Nepal

The silver lining:

The dark clouds

Once again, it could be bright and sunny

The prospects

Smiling faces everywhere

Gleaming futures in their eyes

Once over:

The birds shall chirp

And shall the rivers flow

Mighty, clean and clearer

Fresh Mountain air again

The aroma of the soil, rich and ripened

Here it comes:

The season of forgiveness

The festive of colors

Forgetting blunders

Creating spaces within

Festive of sheer happiness

A pursuit-one of its kind

Immense potential

Success to embrace

An opportunity:

A time to correct ourselves

To contribute to the new making

Reconstruction, reinstatement, building

The days of glory

Reconstruct, renovate, and resonate

It’s here to remain:

The promises it has made

The price paid


Stable, open, clear and conscience

Let there be light again

Let the pigeons soar

Let the jewel shine again

Amidst the global chaos!


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