My Nepal, My Pride!!!

Sulfur in the air

The crimson waters

Stooping mountains and weeping rivers

Battered spouses, raped womanhood

Orphans, bastards, grieving parenthood

Fear, death, murder and cries

Synonym of life


A nation: an image: blur

Shattered glasses-numerous reflections

Living with the wolves

Alligators and vultures

Sacrifices without reason

Assault and treason


Lives everywhere: lives nowhere

A habitat-isolated

A caravan-dispersed

Displaced souls, tortured minds

The uncertain dawn

The daunting dusks

Alms for extortion

Souls for revenge

Valueless corpses

Scattered, buried, pieces


Clueless flock: a witless ram

Blind disciples: cunning leaders

Blast! The usual morning alarm

Murder! The usual evening sign

Extortion! The new rights

Abduction! The reason of life

Cries, whines, screams, sirens

Effigies, strikes and the burning tires




Lifeless curfew-not a soul to witness

Rule of the miscreants

A pregnant mother dies-no ambulance

A child dies-mines in school playground

Teachers amputee-did not teach war

Fleeing youths-fearing forceful recruit


Recognize me?

I used to be a nation-I still am!

Now in a transition-an indefinite wait

Life’s so lifeless now

Without those daily chaos routine

Awaiting eagerly for the next beginning

A beginning of a new war or a continuance thereof

War-an identity for me

My Nepal-My Pride!