Current Politics in Nepal

8 major political parties: question  of governance.

CPN (M): question of purification

Royalists: question of survival

JTMM: A clash within

People: Delimma!

Nation: in transit

Politicians: a new race to the chairs!

Election: Free? Fair? Threatless? Uninfluenced?

Regressive forces: the new conspiracy?

The Poor: Poorer.

The rich: Richer.

Power: the ultimate goal.

Leader: control over the national resources!

Political party: fight over the control of the national resources.

Palace: a new game?

Lawyers: new writ?

Dons: a new victim?

Hitmans: A new assignment?

Media: A new controversy?

Legislative: No check, No balance!

Communal Riots: A new beginning!

The theory: Divide and rule!

The peace process: its a process…not a goal!

The constitution: It’s there but not status quo!

The law: A lawless society!

Wealth: A tool to classify!

politics: an ongoing shameless affair…..