Under current political scenario in Nepal, one can seeking asylum in the US based on various factors such as a CPNM victim or MJF or JTMM or KJMM victim. If you are a victim of Religious discrimination or Caste discrimination you may be eligible too. If you have been a victim of Nepalgunj incident or current Madheshi-Pahade violence or unidentified groups torture, you may also be able to get an approval provided that proper documentation is attached together with your petition? Fake documents or fake descriptions should not be used as you may be subjected to deportation upon denial. Be honest with your petition and explain what actually happened. A fake case jeopardizes chances of grant to those who really need protection.


Factors such as your fear if you go back, Status of your family members and if they are being threatened can be helpful. Likewise, you have to document the incidents and explain thoroughly. Show evidences and supporting documents clearly demonstrating and supporting your statement.


People who have exhausted one year rule may file if they can explain the change in circumstances leading to their delayed application based on any threats. However, applying within one year is always recommended.


Process: Application>Receipt Notice>Biometrics>Interview

Decision: Approval>Work Permit>Family petition>Temporary Green Card

Decision: Denial>Protection under CAT-withholding of removal >Work permit

Decision: Pending>150 days >Work permit

Decision: Denial>Removal proceeding >Appeal to IJ and/or Appeal to 9th Circuit>Grant

Decision: Denial> Removal proceeding >Appeal to IJ and/or Appeal to 9th Circuit>Removal

Please visit the following link for the checklist of documents required. You may collect your documents accordingly and mail them or if you have any questions email me at