Dashnami Society-USA Chapter formed

April 26, 2008, San Jose, California.

Chief Justice of Nepal Kedar Prasad Giri inaugurated Dashami Society USA Chapter in San Jose. The Dashnami Society (literally meaning Ten Names) serves as an umbrella organization in Nepal comprising of members of the Dashnami society. Giri, Puri, Bharati, Saraswati, Ban, Aranya, Tirtha, Aashram, Parbat and Sagar are the ten castes in the Dashnami Society.

Justice Giri explained about similar organization in India. He also shed light on his effort to form the organization some 20 years ago with Suresh Puri.

Narayan Ban organized the program in which Justice Giri was the chief guest, Shanker Giri (Central committee member) special guest and Suresh Puri-the chairperson. Issues such as website building, database, fund raising,  membership increment, were also discussed. Suresh Puri explained in details the was Dashnami Society was formed citing Shankaracharya and his 10 disciples which form the society today. Dashnami Society in Nepal is involved widely in sectors like health camps, donations, scholarships, cultural programs, fund raisers, annual conventions, blood donations, career and employment, trainings and skill building activities.

The newly formed committee has the following officebearers:

  1. Chairperson: Suresh Puri
  2. Vice Chair: Keshav Ban
  3. Secretary General: Narayan Ban
  4. Vice Secretary: Mukesh Puri
  5. Treasurer: Bijaya Puri
  6. Members: Sunita Puri
  7. Samina Ban
  8. Ashika Giri
  9. Santosh Giri
  10. Dhanu Giri
  11. Bhupesh Kumar Puri

24 thoughts on “Dashnami Society-USA Chapter formed

  1. it’s good to see u some blog about dashnami.

    hope this will work for nepal dashnam goswami samaj.

  2. actually i m belongs to rajkot,state:gujarat,India.

    here are our community developed day to day.

    i was spoken of the out state people like Maharashtra,Madhya Pradesh,Andhra Pradesh,Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

    and mostly join their event.

  3. Ma prakash giri from nirmal pokhari v.d.c-2 kaski nepal now studying master in physics in western illinois university. So please include me in this list of our circle.

  4. I M FROM MADHUBANI(MITHILA) BIHAR, it is good thing for dashnami community. its need to support and unity.

  5. namonarayan, i m dr. jyoti bharti goswami i m athak n kathak nritya guru n kathak dancer jaipur.i want pamot this art in dash nami society.

  6. namonarayan, i m dr. jyoti bharti goswami i m kathak nritya guru n kathak dancer jaipur.i want pramot this art in dash nami society.

  7. Wish Best Of Luck for such community adventures ! Call me at any time for the unity and upliftment of Dasnam Goswami!
    District & Sessions Judge [Retd]

  8. This will certainly help most of the youngster Dashnamis about thier role in flourishing Dashnami Samaj and Hinduism

  9. All GOSWAMI community around the world needs to unit for the prosperity, growth, good education for all, happiness, love, safety and stable security for the future of the family welfare. Not limited to one state only, not limited to one gender but every one in Goswami community. The elder’s must understand to protect and provide a very good life and stand up against any abuse or torture or physical violence to the family.

  10. It is good job for goswami group. Thanks to responsible persons of this society


    Kathmandu, Nepal

  11. We have been seeing all sorts of strange terms used in media outlets, which directly vilify the Giri surname. Some of them are ‘dadagiri’, ‘gundagiri’, and even ‘dongiri’ (ekantipur.com 8 Aug. 2012). These terms are extremely derogatory for Giri population, whose children are often bullied at school by others.
    Can Dashnami Samaj put pressure on language experts to come up with alternative terms?

  12. Namonarayan… Finally our community takes first step to be global…

  13. Thank you to all of our castes like Giri, Puri, Bharati, Ban, Sagar, Parbat, Aashram, saraswati,Aranya,Tirtha. First of all what i am requesting that our Dashnami Samaj spread to all of the worlds and specially are living in Nepal, India and others countries as well. Specially talking about Nepal, here are many types of castes are living in Nepal and they are being unified day by day and they always want to dominate to each others caste and our castes are limited in quantity but big in quality so we have to unify any how my dear who are living to all over the world. It is necessary to unite and to take our right and properties, voice and morality from the nation. Mentally we feel always backwards and can’t say anything and can’t protect our right but other castes are forward than us because our mentality is depended on the basis of the house keeping and domestic things even we have wealth and wisdom. In Nepal our castes got the main position in the many sectors in the past and now also getting somewhere but they have no good mentalities to improve our society like the other people. So from today, we have to think about our castes to improve on every part of the sectors. For this, we have to have the emotional and thinking power to dominate the negligence. Thank you very much. Khim Raj Giri, Lamjung but now in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  14. It’s such a great. I would love to join into the Dashnami Society. I am originally from Itahari.

    Studying MBA
    University of West Georgia
    Please you can reach me at Facebook
    Samyam Giri

  15. I hope it (Dashnami) society yields some good thing to Nepali & indian people in the long term. Therefore, I wish the society the very best. Thankyou…..!!!

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