Grounds for Nepalese Asylees in the US

The author is all set to release his another research-publication titled “Grounds for Nepalese Asylees in the US”. The research paper shall be released upon final submission of the paper to the School of Law, Golden Gate University as a partial fulfillment towards Post Graduate Diploma Specialization Certificate in Immigration Law.

Here’s a brief synopsis and a snapshot of the table of content.Grounds of Nepalese Asylees in the US

grounds-for-nepalese-asylees-in-the-ussantoshgiri0536159spring2008 [complete work]

Earlier, the author has already published the following:

  • 2006, Discrimination towards Sikh Asylum Seekers post IIRIRA, Language Difficulty and Translation issues.
  • 2005, A case study on Discrimination in distribution of drinking water, nutritious food, discriminatory texts in textbooks and implementation status of domestic and international instruments.
  • 2005, A Report on Intra-Dalit Discrimination.
  • 2004, Untouchability Crime Definition Draft.
  • 2004, Untouchability Elimination Directives Draft.
  • 2004, Social Dimensions of Globalisation.
  • 2004, Feminism: A Matter of Perception.
  • 2003, Right to Nationality of Women in Nepal.
  • 2002, A study on the Baadi Community, Dissertation, LL.M.
  • 2002, A study on the status of the Cobblers of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • 2001, The European Parliament.
  • 2000, International Trade law in Context of Nepal.

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