Constituent Assembly Observation

Date: 10 April 2008


Preliminary Impression


Constituent Assembly Observation

Kathmandu: Having enthusiastically cast their ballots in a long-awaited election to the Constituent Assembly today (10 April 2008), Nepali people have accomplished their unprecedented responsibility for retrieval of sustainable peace by strengthening democracy and people’s sovereignty. This is a harbinger, the beginning of a new era in the history of Nepal.

The CA election has taken place peacefully and in a conducive environment all over the country, except for a few sporadic incidents of violence and misconduct. Having exhibited exemplary participation especially by women at the polls, as per the aspirations expressed in the April Uprising, Nepali voters have shown their solidarity toward consolidating democracy and their march for peaceful political resolution fulfilling dreams of the hundreds of martyrs.

National Election Observation Committee (NEOC) extends heartfelt thanks to all the political parties, candidates, Election Commissioners and staffs, security forces, United Nations Agencies and other concerned stakeholders for their unflinching support and participation in conducting the CA election freely, fairly, peacefully and credibly. The contribution of national and international observers and civil society has been invaluable.

Lastly, with regard to the grievances received regarding irregularities, captures and misconduct, NEOC strongly urges the Election Commission to initiate an investigation into the cases and also put in place the necessary arrangements to conduct re-elections at the earliest.

Surya Prasad Sherestha



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