Youth of this country

By Sunit Giri [published in The Kathmandu Post on December 6, 2000]

It is said and believed, that the future of a country is in the hands of her youth, for youth are the ones with unlimited energy and immense enthusiasm. They are the ones with advanced information and are well equipped with a vast amount of knowledge. They are the storm that can bring revolutionary change in the country. But, is this true of our country? I have a few doubts.

Travelling from Kakarvitta to Kathmandu, the sight of young people playing carrom at every station was very common. I haven’t been able to understand how these people so called “the future of the country” have all the time in the world to spend day after day playing the same old game time and again. As if carrom and ludo were not enough, we now have pool and snooker. Forget about the time they are wasting, think about the money these youngsters are spending. We are supposed to be the poorest country in the world and every now and then we have bandhs for this price hike and that and ironically the same individuals or groups who are involved in these bandhs are the ones spending evenings at pool and snooker houses with probably a beer in their hand and a few plates of sekuwas in front of them. I do believe that these so called bandhs employ these people at frequent intervals.

One more thing very noticeable in our country is the best use made out of our holidays. Believe it or not, a large number of people o spend their holidays playing cards. They have mastered this art. “The Art of Gambling.” Now days it doesn’t have to be Dashain or Tihar. Every Saturday and Sunday is Tihar. The government of this country is in fact very, very generous to give the people of this nation five days of work and two days off. What a good way of utilising our two days off.

It is true that opportunities are very few and the competition is very high. Added to it is the Aafno Manchay ko Chalan. This is just another hurdle for the ones who really deserve. But is that all that can stop the storm that can build if our youth is properly guided and utilised. But the problem is who is going to guide and where are they going to be utilised. This argument is regularly put forward by youngsters during counselling.

Today the world is in your hands. If you are capable, you don’t have to go to US or UK or Australia and slog yourself. In fact you can get them here by pressing a few correct keys on your keyboard. Haven’t you realised the opening of so many multinationals in our country? These multinationals are borrowing manpower from neighbouring countries and abroad. Why can’t it be you, me of some of our own brothers and sisters who have the calibre but are wasting time expecting a miracle to happen. Wake up! Pull up your socks. Stop blaming others and create or find something creative and useful for yourself. Don’t forget you are the future of this country and mind it, you will have to answer your next generation all the questions they put forward. If you do not change and do something now, then it will be too late and you cannot blame anyone else but yourself, for you are the youth that can still make this poor motherland of ours proud of you.


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