Pandora’s Box, Nepal


A Latin proverb has it that when the Almighty wants to destroy a man, he (the God) first makes him mad.

The manner Nepal has been rendered stateless and guardian less does tell that the Almighty is not that happy with the sort of politics that has gripped this nation of late more after the successful conduct of the Constituent Assembly poll held April 10, 08.

With the institution of the monarchy gone into oblivion on June 18, the politics of this nation since then has remained negatively spectacular.

The Maoists have bagged the largest seats. The Congress and the UML should have as a matter of fact handed the helm of the state affairs to the party of the ex-rebels. Universal norms too would demand the same from the second and the third largest party to facilitate the way for the topper to form a government on their own. However, the Nepali Congress and the namesake Communist party appear reluctant in allowing the Maoists to come to power. Why it is so is really very mysterious to understand.

However, what we understand that the NC leader, Girija Prasad Koirala does not want to relinquish Chair under one pretext or the other. The UML which poses to be a democratic party to which it is not too is pushing its own terms and conditions to the Maoists. In the process the irritation that has gripped the Maoists paraphernalia is understandable.

High placed sources say that some extraneous forces too have been encouraging the NC and the UML not to allow the Maoists to come to power. However, this is absurd for why should the foreign forces meddle in Nepali affairs. Undoubtedly, the Indian establishment must be behind the scene to block the way for the Maoists to form a government for some obvious reasons. Presumably the Indian authorities are afraid of the Maoists for they fear that if the Nepal’s radical communists come to power, the Indian Naxalites would surely get encouraged from such a happening in Nepal which could shake the Indian establishment from within.

The Maoists could be bad and naughty boys of the past. However, they have bagged superiority over their political rivals through the use of ballots and thus they have every right to claim a government of their own. Any hanky panky in undermining this universal democratic norms and values will ultimately corrode the image of the very system itself. The bad boys of the past might shun, let’s hope, their past activities and learn on how to behave in a democratic system more so when in power. Who knows the Maoists would perform well that what is being interpreted by some interested quarters.

In saying so, we are not pleading for the Maoists that they be allowed to govern, however, what we mean to say is that the politics of this country should allow the Maoists to rule for it is this party that is to come to power corridors through legal means.

We are not the fans of the Maoists, be it known to our valued readers. Nor do we have forgotten their past acts that terrorized the entire nation for well over a decade and took so many precious lives. However, being a democrat of the normal order, we wish that the political parties and the foreign powers ( not substantiated though) must not play their games which negates the possibility for the radical nationalists from coming to power through legitimate means.

If denied, the worst may follow as the Maoists by now have added to their strength and they could create ugly scenes if they are pushed to the wall.

Now a word about the continued disruption of the Constituent Assembly proceedings since June 26.

More than ten good days have passed since then that the CA has come to a grinding halt. However, none of the CA members have so far collected the courage to say that they would not receive the “salaries” of the days they do not work.

However, the fact is that the CA has been made defunct under one pretext or the other but the national exchequer is forced to bear this brunt. By now, it is presumed that some forty million Nepali rupees have gone in waste. Who knows, even if the CA resumes its proceedings within a day or two, when the other equally powerful but disgruntled party toes the same line as has been done this time by some political paraphernalia?

If the politics that is on in Nepal continues for long as it is today, the lay men do not have any illusion in concluding that the New Constitution for a New Nepal will take some time close to a decade or so in drafting the same.

Looking at the energy of some of the political parties, what comes to the fore is that the Pandora’s Box has just been opened. And what the opening of such a box means is perhaps clear to all of our august readers.

Politics of consensus is being replaced by politics of confrontation indeed. That’s all.

2008-07-09 06:59:41


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