Maoist’s threat again

Peace process in peril: Prachanda
Himalayan News Service
CPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal addressing a press conference organised in Singha Durbar on Tuesday.
CPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal addressing a press conference organised in Singha Durbar on Tuesday.

Kathmandu, July 22:

• Maoists decide to be in opposition
• Demand payment of PLA dues

CPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda today said his party would sit on the opposition benches, as their presidential candidate lost yesterday’s historic run-off.
Addressing a press conference of party secretariat organised in Singha Durbar, Prachanda termed the alliance between NC, CPN-UML and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum ‘unholy, revengeful
and apolitical’ and warned of a political confrontation in the days ahead.
Flanked by Dr Baburam Bhattarai and party chief whip Dina Nath Sharma, Prachanda said his party was committed to peace process but there was a danger of the peace process collapsing in case the Maoist army in cantonments were not paid their salaries.
“The government has stopped providing allowances to the PLA. Our fighters are facing untold miseries and if that continued, it will exhaust our patience,” Prachanda warned and added that there was a danger of counter-revolution.
He said his party’s decision not to form a government could change in case such need arose and there was ethical ground for it.
Prachanda said it was due to neo capitalists’ conspiracy and desire to stick to power that they began to place unnecessary conditions, including the demand to dissolve Maoist army and destroy their weapons.
He said his party lost the presidential election but Yadav’s win was a victory for his party’s cause. “It is because of our decision to field Ram Raja Prasad Singh that a Madhesi became the first President of Nepal,” he said, adding that they stuck to value-based politics and lost the election, contrary to opponents’ politics of opportunism.
Asked why they backed off from forging an alliance with the UML, Prachanda said he was disheartened by UML’s rumour mongering.
“We were prepared to back Madhav Kumar Nepal as President though we were yet to make a final decision on that, but the alliance was not possible as the UML began to seek the home portfolio as well,” he clarified.
Prachanda said UML’s demands were akin to the story of a Lahure who gave all his belongings to a poor porter and the porter began calling himself the Lahure.
He expressed dissatisfaction against MJF chairman Upendra Yadav for switching off his cell phone at a crucial moment of presidential nominations.
“I jokingly told Madhesi leaders if the Maoist did not field Singh for presidency, they would field him as their candidate and if we fielded Singh they would support somebody else. That’s what happened,” Prachanda said.
He said he had talks with Indian leaders on political matters as did leaders of other parties but his decisions were not influenced by anybody. He claimed that he rejected their advice to back Koirala as President.
Suspecting foreign hand in newly forged alliance, Prachanda alleged that foreign powers were trying to create instability in Nepal so that they can make the country a ‘play ground.’ “I request all people to remain vigilant against foreign highhandedness,” he said.


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