Nepal Immigration Rules 1994

Immigration Rules, 2051 (1994)

1. Date of publication in the Nepal Gazette : 23 d Jestha 2051 (6 June 1994)
2. Date of the first amendment: 22nd Jestha 2058 (4 June 2001)

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 18 of the Immigration Act, 2049 (1992) Government has framed the following rules:

Chapter I

1 Short title and commencement:
(1) These Rules may be cited as the “Immigration Rules, 2051 (1994).
(2) Clause (a) (d) of serial no. 1 of Schedule 9 amended by sub-rule 14 of these regulations and sub-rule (5) of the same rule shall be deemed to have been commenced from the 27th Ashad, 2056 B.S. (11 July 1999) and other rules shall come into force forthwith.

2. Definitions:

Unless the subject or the context otherwise requires, in these Rules
(a) “Act” means the Immigration Act, 2049 (1992).
(b) “Tourist” means a foreigner who spends at least one night or twenty-four hours in the Kingdom of Nepal.
(c) “Family” means husband, wife, father, mother, and dependent child.
(d) “Trekking area” means the area so specified by Government that permission is required to trek there.
(e) “Mission” means any Nepalese Embassy, Nepalese Consulate General and Nepalese Consulate in any foreign country, and this term includes any
organization or authority temporarily or permanently representing Government in any foreign country.
(f) “Agency” means a person or an organization licensed by Government who provides service to the foreigners during the period from the arrival and presence of the foreigners to their departure, and an association making movement of the foreigners.
(h) “Visa year”, for the purpose of these Rules, means a period from 1 January to 31 December of a year.

PDF OF COMPLETE RULES: immigration-rules-nepal-with-2001-amendments


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