SC’s Fiat on Social Reforms

SC’s Fiat on Social Reforms
THT Online
Kathmandu, November 25

Supreme Court on Monday ordered the government authorities to punish
government officials not abiding by the Social Behaviour (Reform) Act,
A three-member full bench comprising Chief Justice Kedar
Prasad Giri and Justices Anup Raj Sharma and Bal Ram KC issued the
“Take departmental action against those officials who do
not follow the Act,” the text of the verdict read. The apex court also
asked the government to make it mandatory for the government employees
and the employees of state-owned corporations to furnish their
expenditure incurred on social activities to the government.
the apex court had decided the case five months ago, it issued the text
of the verdict to the government authorities on Monday. The SC was
responding to a Public Interest Litigation filed by a group of
advocates, including Prakash Mani Sharma.
“Though such lavish ceremonies are common in Nepali society, they are more rampant in Hindu society,” the bench noted.
bench observed that the intention of the Act was to control unnecessary
expenses incurred during social ceremonies and stated that the lack of
effective enforcement could not fulfill the motive behind the Act.
is an urgent need to launch campaigns to control such activities,” the
verdict stated, adding that the civil society can play effective role
in this regard.
The Social Behaviour (Reform) Act, 1976, prohibits
unnecessary expenditure on social ceremonies like marriage, birthday
party and naming ceremony.
The Supreme Court also directed the Prime
Minister’s Office and Cabinet, the Ministry of Women, Children and
Social Welfare, the Ministry of Home and the Ministry of Local
Development to include provisions related to the Social Reform Act in
their service related Acts.


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