Nepal fresh events annoy Washington-Paris-London Axis

Telegraph Weekly

The Octogenarian Nepali Congress leader, Girija Prasad Koirala, is still very much kicking and alive and is present even to console the frightened diplomats posted in Kathmandu.

He says to them, “Don’t panic! I am here to take control over the aggravating situation if need be”.

Threatened and some what panicked the three powerful Ambassadors landed in Koirala’s private residence on January 13, 2009, Tuesday, noon and wanted to know from the latter as to why the Nepali Prime Minister spoke always the language of the guns and the weapons and also threatens of a revolt every now and then?

They were referring to Comrade Prachanda’s remarks wherein he had recently said, “If any one tried to topple this government, me and the party will be forced to retaliate through a revolt of the highest order”.

The three powerful Ambassadors were from United States of America (Nancy J. Powell), France (Henry Gilles Garault) and the United Kingdom (Andrew Hall).
Upon listening to Prachanda’s threat loaded remarks being made by him in the recent days more so after the unification of the Maoists with the Unity center led by Narayan Kaji Shrestha alias PRAKASH, the three envoys appear to have decided to meet in person the frail Congress leader.
And thus the meet materialised.
The request for such a meet on that day was demanded by the diplomats for the morning but Koirala’s private associates told them all that since he is an old man and thus he would be more than pleased to see the envoys some time in the afternoon.
Medical practitioners attending on Koirala have suggested the old-man to refrain from the exposure to cold.

“He is very much similar to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela…we thus fear that anarchy will soon grip Nepal”, is what the Ambassadors collectively said to Koirala and set the tone for further dialogue with the old-boy of the Nepali Congress.

Primarily, Koirala remained askance upon seeing three powerful Ambassadors at a time to have come to see him in his private residence. A suitable gesture for Koirala indeed.
“I am feeling some what puzzled in finding three Ambassadors together here”, is how Koirala reportedly greeted the envoys of the US, France and the UK.
France and Britain are the two prominent members of the European Union.

“We are of the opinion that problems have piled up in Nepal of late”, said the some what panicked Ambassadors.

Pat came the reply from Koirala which must not have pleased the Ambassadors present there.

Look what Koirala says, “ The main reason behind the current problems in Nepal is the man whom you all preferred to appoint here for peace keeping operations…..UNMIN…He is Ian Martin…We later came to understand that Martin was excessively closer to the Maoists”.
Upon listening to Koirala’s hatred for Ian martin, the three high flying Ambassadors assured Koirala that they have “reported” to their respective government about Ian Martin.
By the way, Ian Martin is leaving soon upon completion of his controversial tenure in Nepal as the “loyal” servant of Ban Ki-moon-the UN Secretary General.
“We the members of the European Union have taken the remarks of Nepal PM Dahal as highly objectionable one wherein he states that he and his party may capture the State any time ”, said the French and the British Ambassador.
“This is highly undemocratic remark”, said the UK and the French diplomat.

We thus appeal to you Mr. Koirala, said the Ambassadors, to do something for the consolidation of the democratic order in Nepal.

Koirala consoled the Ambassadors by stating that “if he (Prachanda) works remaining well under the ambit of the democratic system, let him work”.

Later the envoys of US, France and the UK told Koirala that the threat loaded statement of Prachanda indicating the capture of the State has already terrified the international community and thus his statements are being taken as very dangerous the world over.

“Prachanda is toeing the line of Hugo Chavez and this is what has been a matter of serious concern for us all”, the Ambassadors told Koirala.

Koirala responded by saying that “if the situation further deteriorated then we will act and think accordingly”.

Koirala sources opine that the NC leader spent much of his time in deriding at Ian Martin and his proximity with the Maoists. Likewise, the French and the British Ambassadors limited their talks against Prachanda’s fresh utterances on the possibility of capturing the State.

The envoy from Finland, the current President of the European Union, was not included in the said meeting for reasons unknown.

Does this mean that a new Axis comprising of Washington-Paris-London is now in existence against the Maoists led government?

The meet lasted for an hour.

With strong inputs from Jana Aastha weekly dated January 21, 2009.
2009-01-22 15:41:29