Nepal Maoist leader claims they can destroy Kathmandu in minutes

// As published in The Telegraph Nepal

A Maoist Party Constituent Assembly member Mr. Chandra Bahadur Thapa making a threat loaded statement in Banepa of Kavre District said on Monday, June 8, 2009, that the Maoists’ Party still possesses weapons that can devastate the entire Kathmandu valley.

“We have safeguarded those weapons that can destroy Kathmandu”, said Thapa addressing a gathering.

“Now even the incumbent prime minister is not safe”, he said adding, “If the Maoists are further teased we can take action against any one on our own.”

Mr. Thapa and some influential Maoists’ leaders led a rally of Maoists cadres in Benepa that destroyed the UML district bureau on Monday.

The Maoists cadres from nearby districts, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur merged in Banepa and held a Baton march.

A day earlier on Sunday, with the Maoists cadres going on rampage in Banepa, forcing locals to close down their shops and vandalizing parked vehicles, the locals in retaliation pelted stones and violently clashed with the Maoist cadres and vandalized the Maoists contact office.

The Maoists district leaders blamed that the locals who had vandalized the Maoists contact office were primarily the UML cadres, thus the Maoists in retaliation vandalized the UML party office on Monday, June 8, 2009.

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