COUNTDOWN Nepal’s Constitution :: 51 days

With the deadline approaching really fast i.e. May 28, 2010 to promulgate Nepal’s constitution by the Constitutional Assembly, elected on April 10, 2008 with the constitutional writing objective and terminate itself; dark clouds are hovering on Nepal politics.

The terrorist group Maoists (still listed by USA under Foreign Terrorist Organisations), have started to threat to a final battle for the state capture almost daily. This page will update all major incidents in the next 51 days of uncertainity in Nepal:

  • Addressing a mass-meet in Rolpa district, the Unified Maoists’ Party Central Secretariat member Mr. Barsa Man Pun ‘Ananata’, April 6, 2010, declared that if constitution was not drafted on time, the Maoists’ Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) will take over the official seat of Nepal Government in Singh Durbar, Kathmandu and the Nepal Army Headquarters. In that eventuality, threatened Ananta, “The PLA will enter right inside Singh Durbar and capture the State,” the Jana Disha daily quotes the Maoists’ leader as saying. “If the reactionaries continue to hatch conspiracies against the peace process and constitution drafting, the PLA will come to capture Singh Durbar and Bhadrakali”, the Kantipur Daily, April 7, 2010 reports from Libang of Rolpa District. See.
  • “Our demand is the formation of Unified Maoists’ Party led National Unity Government”, said Bhattarai adding, “Else, let us prepare ourselves for a war similar to mythological Mahabharata.” “We have kept both options open for us, peace or war”, he also said. Similarly, another vice chairman of the party, Naryan Kaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’, addressing a mass-meet in Gorkha said that his party was preparing for the final battle. “We will be force to wage this battle”, he said, “No force on earth can stop us now.” Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ was of the opinion that revolt was necessary to guarantee peace and constitution in the country. He was addressing a mass-meet in Hetauda of Makwanpur District. Badal also declared that his party was ready to sacrifice 30 thousand more lives to establish rights of the people. See.
  • Maoist rebels have thoroughly shaken the Indian establishment by killing at least 75 troops of Central Reserve Police in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh state, the highest casualty inflicted by the Maoists in a single instance so far. The attack comes on the heels of similar attacks but with fewer casualties in Orissa and West Bengal. With this deadly attack, the Maoists, who are a growing force, have upped the ante vis-à-vis Indian government which recently stepped up its operations against them.The Maoists have entered into an offensive phase, in a manner the Nepali Maoists did in early 2001. See.
  • UCPN (Maoist) politburo member and lawmaker Gopal Kiranti has said that the Maoist activists will prevent Constituent Assembly members of Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN-UML from visiting the villages. See.
  • Chairman of the Nepal Sadbhawana Party (NSP) and Minister for Commerce Rajendra Mahato Wednesday warned that the nation may be disintegrated if the entire Madhes is not declared as a separate autonomous province. See.

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