Dr. Surendra Bhandari’s WTO Thesis for SJD from KU (2010)

Congratulations Dr. Surendra Bhandari on successful completion of SJD from Kansas University School of Law.

(Source: http://www.law.ku.edu/media/news/stories/2010/first_SJD.shtml)

Surendra  Bhandari
Dr. Surendra Bhandari
Ph.D. Law (Nepal), Post Doctorate (Japan), SJD (US), LLM/BL (Nepal)

Dr. Surendra Bhandari, an accomplished lawyer and scholar from Nepal has become the first candidate to complete the Doctor of Juridical Science program at the University of Kansas School of Law. Dr. Bhandari’s accomplishment in the field of Law shall definitely help shape and reform ages old Nepalese Legal System in terms of postmodern global legal compliance.

According to the KU website:

Bhandari’s thesis, “An Analysis of Positivism in the Form of Constructivism to Address the Problems of Making Rules in the WTO,” identifies theoretical and practical consequences associated with the current method of making rules in the World Trade Organization. Bhandari argues that the method is “not helpful for creating global wealth and promoting free trade.”

Bhandari earned a Ph.D. in law in 2003 from Nepal and a postdoctoral degree from the United Nations University in Japan. He worked as a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Nepal and was executive director of Law Associates Nepal, a legal research organization. Bhandari also worked for the government of Nepal as a legal consultant, supporting the country’s accession to the World Trade Organization and drafting a number of laws to comply with WTO obligations, including the intellectual property law of Nepal.

Dr. Bhandari’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=576400103

His website is: http://www.surendrabhandari.com

As one of the lucky students to have been taught by Dr. Bhandari, I personally feel proud of his accomplishments.


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  1. Dear sir i’m also surendra bhandari plz send me your email adress i will add you at facebook we will talk more

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