The People’s Nepal

Watched the documentary last night. Courtesy of the Producer/Director Jim. A Must Watch portray of Nepal’s political dynamics, fall of the monarchy, the April uprising and the Nepalese people in general.

The documentary closes with an Intriguing question: “If peace cannot prevail in the land where Buddha was born, how can there be peace in the world?”

I request everyone to visit to buy an original DVD and support the cause of peace building process. The “THE PEOPLE’S NEPAL” is a DVD Documentary – NTSC 77 minutes – $24.95 plus $2. Shipping

This independent documentary tells a story that was overlooked and over-shadowed by the war in Iraq and other events. It is the story of the Nepalease Revolution in April of 2006 and some of the people involved in it.

It focus on stories of the struggles of the Nepalese people during the April Uprising of 2006. Though its orgins are many, the movement was responsible for forcing the King to step down and the establishment of Nepal as a republic.

The little known history and culture of this Himalayan nation are featured with visuals of the mountains and works of Nepalese art. Ten interviews are intercut with never-before-scene historical images and the riviting footage of the confrontations between the citizens and the police in Nepal during April of 2006.

Peter Coyote narrates the 77 minute documentary along with the voices first hand witnesses and participants. Original sound was written and performed by Chris Vibberts to score the film. He is releasing the sound track Falling and Rising, Music From The Peoples Nepal under a separate label.

The Peoples Nepal, $24.95 is now available only online at the films website


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