Fabricated False news against Justice Girish Chandra Lal

I have known Justice Lal since 1993 and based on my personal knoweldge and observation, he is one of the highly ethical justices in the Judiciary.

Fabricating false news, tarnishing his image is really unfortunate for the people’s faith in the Judicial system. Make no mistake that our Judiciary is the only surviving state institution based on the 1990 people’s mandate and remains strong, though the executive and legislative based on popular will ceased to exist long back since dissolution of parliament in 2002. In absence of legislative and executive based on popular will since 2002, the regressive forces are trying to dismantle the last and only valid state institution.

I highly condemn this disgraceful act of the ‘terrorists’, who tend to terrorise the citizens who know less of his contribution to the judical society. Since the initiation of the Legislative Committee hearing on the Justices, a trend seems to have been forced by regressive elements who want to deter the spirit of Independent Judiciary and forcefully impose their own version of judicial control. And this has to end.

I wish Justice Lal successful tenure in the Judiciary, free from baseless-pointless-egoistic political apprehension.

Adcocate Santosh Giri Supreme Court of Nepal Curently in California, United States. Moderator, LawNepal


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