Let us work too!

Let us work too! Let us be a part of your fate! Let us rebuild and contribute! Katrina is not only a disaster but also an opportunity to build a safer tomorrow for our descendants. Lt us take her as a lesson. The law of the nature is untamable and cannot be judged lightly. Apart from any other man made laws and our schools of jurisprudence, the natural law or the divine law has been the most powerful. Tsunami has already taught us a lesson and without mercy Mother Nature has stricken again. It is awful to know that Katrina is the costliest natural disaster in the United States followed by the last year’s six floods, the 90’s flood and the global terror of 9/11.

A day without Mexico may have expressed the sentiments in some way to those who are really concerned. They say the issue of immigrants, regardless of their status, to be legalized is gone now! What is wrong with allowing us pay you tax as every one does here? It is possible that there are possibilities of terrorism as in the London bombing but hate crime is not the right answer for us. All of us are here because of a reason

Have been terrorized in our homes

We all have an absolute reason otherwise there is no point seeking your protection. Is it wrong to dream of your life standard? We have a past which we cannot change but we do want to be a part of your today to make our tomorrow as better as yours. We all are just but long staying tourist, bound to go back tour origin after serving you. It represents the modern slavery in which you are the vital part of the society but treated differently.


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